After trying the Revitalizing Herbal Hair Tonic, I noticed a significant difference in less than six months.  Over the years, time has definitely caught up to me.  Stress, child-bearing, and aging have severely slowed my hair growth.  My love for swimming also caused extreme hair loss.  I have tried numerous products.  Despite the many benefits they promised, it came to no avail.  These products made my hair greasy and I had the same amount of hair on my head.  During that summer, after swimming in pools of chlorine, I discovered little hair in the bathtub and in my hairbrush.  Since finding this product, I have been loyal and have not, and will not, touch another “hair-growing” product ever!  Thank you, Noevir!               C  Wong; San Jose, CA
If you are looking for an incredible product such as Noevir, and you value attention to detail, complimented with a friendly and helpful voice, and top it off with a rebate on shipping, you have found the right site!  I absolutely love the Tokara Mineral Deep Conditioner.  I have bought it for friends as gifts. One friend described her hair as "fire starter" before trying the conditioner and now she is really happy with her beautiful restored hair.  For me it makes my hair soft and silky no matter how many times I dye my hair.  It is incredible stuff! Also I spent years abusing my skin in the sun and found that the Recovery Complex turned my alligator neck into a soft and silky area that I don't have to cover up anymore.  Thank you for developing such a great product!  And as an animal lover I was glad to find out that animal testing isn't part of what Noevir is all about!           R  Sullivan; Dailey, West Virginia

I recently moved and I'm glad to have found this web site.  I just love the free shipping because it saves me a lot of money.  At times the shipping charge reimbursement arrives before the product.  After the birth of my second child, I broke out bad with blemishes.  I tried Proactiv but it didn't work.  Janet recommended that I try the Clear Control Line which I did.  I was really impressed with the results and even my husband and co-workers noticed the improvement.  Enough kids already.           J  Moore; Indianapolis, Indiana

For the past 12 years, I have been using the105 Line.  I tried it all!  No other skin care product makes my skin feel the way Noevir does. My skin feels moist day and night.  I'm never  ever  changing  products again!   Thank you for your outstanding customer service and free shipping.  You are forever on my Christmas card list.   M  Rogers;  Denver, CO
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